Giving to Others in Need

Tijuana Youth Scholars Lab

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Becoming the change you wish to see in the world. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Giving to Others in Need

Direct Tech “Doing Good”

Altruism is a principal Direct Tech always strives to live by… our concern for the welfare of others is a truly thoughtless process in which we give both our knowledge and our hearts in hopes that we can help others in our lives. We believe that true selflessness is a thoughtless process by which you give freely to the world and others without expectations.

We would like to share with you the beauty in helping others and how we continue to help transform the lives of others… For each transformation that takes place starts a butterfly effect… spreading more positivity onto the world around us. In serving others, we find out more about ourselves and in turn help others in the process. We share with you four beautiful minds that have been positively affected by a project called the Tijuana Scholars Program.

Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish yourself. It’s what you do for others. ~Danny Thomas

Tijuana Scholars Program

The Tijuana Youth Scholars Lab, now in its 14th year of operation, financially assists, educates, and mentors exceptionally gifted teenagers from poor communities in Tijuana, Mexico. Directed and taught by Rotarians from both La Jolla and Tijuana, our mission is to break a poverty cycle that spans generations.

Fact: for the children who live in poor communities like Tijuana Mexico, education past the sixth grade is a luxury….

We Rise by Lifting Others. ~Robert Ingersoll


Project Description

Our program enables students to finish high school and encourages them to go on to higher education. We have thirty students who range in age from sixth graders to seniors in high school. Every Saturday, we teach our students both English and computer skills in classroom facilities rented by our clubs. There are four levels of English language instruction and each student does English language and computer work at computer stations throughout the classrooms. Classes take place via SKYPE and in person.

Our goal is that our students will graduate high school and our program and will go on to become influential leaders for positive growth and change in the greater society of Tijuana

The Tijuana Youth Scholars Program was instrumental in helping four students graduate this year… students who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to do so…


Rotary Graduates

This year we are proud we proudly announce this years graduating students… Beatriz Narvaez ObesoRuth Irene Padron VelazquezCristina Resendiz ArellanoVictor Emilio Gomez Duran. We are honored to have worked with this wonderfully gifted students and look forward to seeing how they become the change we each want to see in the world.

High Speed Internet and Education

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