Integrated Planning Environments, Information and Technology

Infrastructure, Communications, Collaboration, Capabilities and Business Opportunities

Creating a Dynamic Business Planning Environment, Information and Technology

Real-Time Business Planning and Technology

Real-Time Business Planning and Technology

In today’s fast-changing business environment, high-performing businesses stay ahead of their competition by leveraging data and technology to aid in every tactical and strategic decision that needs to be made. Using data and technology these businesses can respond to real-time market shifts, conditions and customer/client demands. Real-time data helps a business create and manage a dynamic collaborative integrated planning environment used to drive business performance and bottom-line results.

The question is where do these high-performing businesses get their information? Cloud-based big data analytics is enabling businesses to approach their planning and performance in real-time. The traditional approach to business planning most organizations use today can keep a company from being truly successful. Traditional strategic planning and forecasting usually only occurs annually, leaving possible opportunities untapped.

Integrated Planning Environments, Information and Technology

Technology and information has transformed the way businesses compete. As the pace of technology continues to accelerate, more and more businesses will see the potential benefits information and technology has to offer.

IT is a business-driving tool used by high-performing businesses to drive innovation and improve business performance. IT is essential to the consumer experience, process effectiveness, business integration and is used to share data and information in a collaborative way to help organizations uncover potential business opportunities.

Today we live in the age of a consumer driven market. This means that consumer demands and market demands will continue to drive both business and technology innovation and force businesses to plan for the future while addressing current needs. Strategically speaking, the only way to meet the needs of this disruptive environment is to continuously plan and evaluate factors that affect performance and make the necessary adjustments to the strategic plan in real-time.

Infrastructure, Communications, Collaboration, Capabilities and Business Opportunities

Building business agility requires businesses today to have strategic planning process that is continuous and seamless. Business agility is gained through collaboration, continuous planning, and using existing business data more efficiently and effectively to help anticipate and manage changes and drive business success. Initiating an integrated strategic planning process requires specific techniques, skills, technologies and infrastructure, communication and collaboration to uncover the potential business opportunities available in real-time.


Creating a Dynamic Business Planning Environment, Information and Technology

Dynamic planning isn’t the traditional annual, quarterly or monthly forecasting that most businesses rely on today. Dynamic business planning is a process that enables a business to plan and forecast processes that are both continuous and adaptable to the changing market conditions.

Information needs to be gathered differently. A business needs to see past what they are use to and focus on identifying sources of insights from other areas of their business including departments like IT, operations, sales, customer service, human resources and other information sources outside of their business. Outside sources of information can include vendors, economic trends as well as developments that are specific to your industry, used to aid in predicting the future of your business. Businesses who expand their sources of information while enabling a wider use of collaboration will help improve insights to aid in identifying strategic business opportunities.

Managing change includes understanding what business applications, management reporting, IT infrastructure and architecture, information security, critical IT projects, expenses, systems operations and support, IT vendor management, outsourcing and IT assets are needed and need to be considered while developing their dynamic business planning environment.

By leveraging data to inform each and every tactical and strategic decision a business has to make… they can take action on them in real-time allowing them to be flexible to adapt to the shifting market conditions and customer demands.

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