Integrating New Technology to Help your Real Estate Office Remain Resilient, Efficient and Successful

iBeacon Technology, the Cloud, Connected Devices, Smart Homes, QR Codes and Home Buying/Selling

Real Estate Brokers and New Technology

Realtor, Brokers and Technology                      

Over the last several years there has been a rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents. Economically speaking in a stable market, a natural equilibrium develops between active real estate brokers and agents. The Real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries… and in order to survive you have to embrace technology and develop long-term strategies that will help your real estate office remain resilient, efficient and successful.

Integrating New Technology to Help your Real Estate Office Remain Resilient, Efficient and Successful

Technology can be a game changer and differentiator for your real estate office. Technology can provide tools that open new business paths and help you streamline office efficiency creating greater opportunity for your real estate business to be successful. The question is, how do you choose the right tools, systems or platforms for your real estate brokerage? How can you successfully integrate the new technology? How can you help your real estate agents embrace the new tools and systems you have put in place?

Integrating new technology in your real estate office can be challenging. What is common in almost every real estate office is the unique and diverse set of individuals on your team. Each individual in your office has a different skill set and each have varying levels of technological know how.

Delivering the technology that agent’s need begins with understanding the tasks they face. Get to know what your agents and Realtors need by brainstorming together. Ask them which tasks have the most steps and which ones consume too much time. By educating yourself on what your agents and Realtors need you gain insight. That insight can help you chose the right tools and systems that streamline the tasks your agents face making them more efficient and effective.

iBeacon Technology, the Cloud, Connected Devices, Smart Homes, QR Codes and Home Buying/Selling

Adding Value to your Real Estate Business

The growing network of connected devices has changed the way people do business, and transformed they way consumers select the brands they do business with. The real estate world is saturated with tech tools making it difficult to know which ones add value and which ones do not. For any agent who wants to separate their business from the competition they need to understand how the Internet of Things has changed and will continue to change the way individuals buy, sell and manage property.

The choices for today’s consumers have grown substantially because of the web. The consumer today can access anything they want, anytime they want it on any device they choose. The question is how can you use technology to help drive consumer decision, how can you drive people to do business with you?

iBeacon isn’t a brand new technology but it is fast becoming something that will be well understood by those who are constantly connecting to the world from any device. This type of consumer wants information now to aid them in their decision to buy. What iBeacon does is take multiple steps out of the buying process. Why that is good? The attention span of consumers today has dropped to 2 seconds. That means once they realize their need they begin to search for information, they evaluate their alternatives and make their purchase decision.

How iBeacon technology works and helps to facilitate real estate sales. Using Bluetooth technology to communicate between devices iBeacon pinpoints the location of the homebuyer and serves them information about properties they want to view and hopefully purchase. Real estate agents have the ability to serve potential buyers information rich for sale signs and a virtually guided tour for the interested buyers who show up to an open house.

Through iBeacon’s virtual tour a potential buyer is shown through the property, and the information pushed to their phone points out features the house has as they walk through it without the agent or Realtor ever having to be there. Imagine a world where the potential homebuyer can walk a property using your branded app that explains the details of the smart home they just walked into. As an agent you may not fully understand how to explain certain smart home features like home automation or the 5.0 surround sound system that has been pre-wired and is ready for use in the great room.

Whether you choose to use QR Codes or micro-location marketing like iBeacon… knowing when to implement technology or choosing an IT company that can help you through your decision and implementation process is important to the success of your real estate business.

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Technology isn’t an easy thing to understand and what makes it more difficult is the amount of available tools, systems and platforms to choose from. If you need help choosing the right tools, systems and platforms for your real estate business you may want to consider using a managed service provider. Managed service providers (MSP) offer a wide range of IT solutions including network, application, system, and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises. MSP’s focus on management services that can include management of application services providers (ASPs); web hosting companies, network service providers (NSPs), and many other IT solutions. If you need help getting your business on track in today’s virtual (vulnerable) environment call Direct Tech. They offer IT solutions to provide businesses with piece of mind.

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