Adding Value to the Consumer Experience

Managing Hospitality Information Technology

The future sustainability of a restaurant or chain of restaurants lies in their ability to stay at the forefront of their industry. The question is… what lies ahead in 2015 for the hospitality industry? The Internet of everything has shifted the standard in the way people do business. The choices for today’s consumers have grown substantially because of the web. The consumer today can access anything they want, anytime they want it on any device they choose. Technology is now one of the leading factors of consumer choice… consumers today have come to expect a certain level of connectivity like making reservations online, to accessing an app to order in… now more then ever businesses in the hospitality industry must focus their attention on innovation to increase the value of their brand if they want to succeed in creating loyal customers.

Restaurant Information Technology: Facts

Technology + Perception = Brand Loyalty

Building a loyal customer is more then just remembering someone’s name. Today a business has to be technologically savvy to maintain their customers attention. As consumers continue to become more and more device dependent they will come to expect the establishments they support to leverage the right capabilities to keep them connected, secure and engaged. How a restaurant connects with their guests is driven by technology! The restaurant business moves at a very fast pace which means being efficient and productive matters more then anything! Using technology not only increases service speed, convenience and the guest experience it also increases productivity and efficiency… so, think innovation, think mobile payments, think self-service kiosks and think about how smart phone apps can help your restaurant become a chain of restaurants and a chain of restaurants become a global brand!


Adding Value to the Consumer Experience

Seamlessly connecting to your guests/patrons begins and ends with technology. Adoption of a mobile POS solution can help your growing restaurant keep up with the mobile and social media revolution… the question is which one is right for you? The process of evaluating whether or not to implement certain key technological differentiators like mobile POS (point of sale) to increase both efficiency and customer experience, POI (point of interaction) to redeem paperless loyalty offers or rewards, EVM-Capable POS (chip-based payment) to increase security and decreased your liability and help you with PCI compliance takes a substantial amount of time and consideration before choosing the one that makes sense for your business. Adding value to the customer experience also adds value to your brand… by proactively adopting the right technologies your business can change the customer experience dramatically resulting in increased loyalty to your brand.

MSP Managed Service Provider for the Hospitality Industry

To aid your restaurant business in meeting compliance standards and keeping up with new developments you need regulatory strategies and innovation strategies that keep your business secure and sustainable… and to do that you must be proactive! It is a necessity not a luxury that you ensure proper steps are taken to keep your business assets safe, secure, and functioning effectively and efficiently to remain compliant… and to do so you may want to consider using a managed service provider. Managed service providers (MSP) offer a wide range of IT solutions including network, application, system, and e-management services across a network to multiple enterprises. MSP’s focus on management services that can include management of application services providers (ASPs); web hosting companies, network service providers (NSPs), and many other IT solutions. If you need help getting your business on track in today’s virtual (vulnerable) environment call Direct Tech. They offer IT solutions to provide businesses with piece of mind.

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