There is nothing more frustrating than loosing valuable data! 

  • Have you lost your data?
  • Computer Won’t Boot Up?
  • Experiencing Hard Drive Failure?
  • Did You Accidentally Delete a File ?

Direct Tech offers System Data Recovery Services. We can attempt recovery and give you the best chance of getting your data back.

Maybe it is time plan for the unexpected! If you’re not managing the back-up and storage of your data safely and properly... you may find yourself wishing you had! Direct Tech is a valued partner and reseller of  Carbonite, which has reliable and secure backs up options for both Business and Residential users. Direct Tech will help you select the right package, set-up a user account and configure your back-up and monitor. You will experience the security in knowing that your valuable information will be safely backed-upsecurely stored in the cloud and you’ll always be able to access your data quickly and worry free. Call today and prevent the unexpected from devastating you.

Interested in setting up an On-line Data Back-Up on your own?